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Social networking tools for distance learning

Social networking tools for distance learning.


Social networking tools for distance learning

Social networking tools for distance learning

The paper about the use of the Social networks to train professionals in on-line.

It has shown at VI International Conference at Athens (October 2013)

VI International Conference Athens

Athens  3, 4 October 2013

The conference, organized under the patronage of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of Greece, has explored the role of digital technologies in the offer of the new learning opportunities while maintaining a high standard of quality of university education. The reform of the various national education systems will be the starting point for a lively debate on the social, economic, institutional and pedagogical change that involves models and teaching methodologies in their entirety.

I attended the Conference as Lecturer, my session was about “the Social network: opportunities for professional training and disadvataged classes”

The production structure of our country does not encourage investment in training due to the economic crisis that characterizes Europe in this historical moment impacting on economic profit and also on the future always had. Continuing education is important to the continued growth of staff and to support individuals in their relocation and in their re-entry into the labor market. The social network can be evaluated as a learning tool and can be a solution to address the problems in the world of professional training in a period in which the work system suffers from deficiencies economic and productive. In this moment of economic crisis the social network could help The  Lifelong Learning as required in the current Learning Society: – graduates, the disabled  and disadvantage unaudited (ex convicts, former drug addicts), – senior who want grow up in their career. To do so is necessary to make ” Peer production or production work” that is get when a mass of people and companies working through an “open” approach to promote the innovation and growth in   their sector.

If you want read the paper write me please.

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The primary goal of Positive psychology and Education is to help people lead happier and self-actualizing lives so that they can truly get better, rather than simply feel better because emotions are understood and expressed and it can lead them to understand their problems, questions.

The user seeing the virtual exhibition through activation of mirror neurons that activate a process of empathy with the person or the character seen. Mirror neurons allow us to recognize emotions and experiences of others and being able to behave in similar ways. Which means that when the macaque or the man see action accomplished in their premotor area is activated the motor pattern necessary for the fulfillment of the action occurs that is a potential motor act, an “internal simulation” of the movement observed and  so the users can became aware of their mental state and can provide to find the strategies to improve their life in a better way.

The program used to edit the scenes is  Neuro Vr, it’s composed by editor and player that allows to stimulate canonical neurons. The users can move in the virtual environment. They can go and see what they want.

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                        (V. Di Rocco/ V. Leonelli)